Medical Screening Analyzer with Digital Pulse Oximeter and Extended software for Screening, Interpretation and Functional 3D modeling.


  1. Programmable automatic measurement interval
  2. Heart rate and SPO2 dynamic control
  3. Digital pulse wave analysis
  4. Automatic blood pressure measurement
  5. 5-Lead Electrocardiogram sensor
  6. Digital thermal sensor
  7. Respiratory rate dynamic control
  8. Dynamic history of physiological parameters
  9. Measurement time: 2-45 minutes



  1. Segmental Multi-frequency Body composition 3D Analyzer
  2. Body composition assessment (FM, FFM, TBW, ECW, ICW, BMI, Muscular Mass, Phase angle)
  3. Galvanic Skin Response assessment
  4. 3D Body Composition model (fat mass color code)
  5. Diet information adviser
  6. 3D Vertebral Model (neuromuscular disorders color code)
  7. Extended assistance to the therapeutic decision for SPA / Fitness / Sport
  8. Heart Rate Variability Indicators
  9. Extended ANS assessment (Sympathetic / Parasympathetic System Activity)
  10. Digital pulse wave analysis and hemodynamic indicators
  11. Valsalva / Orthostatic / Deep breathing probe
  12. Medical Screening Analyzer including Cardio scores / Physiological scores / Lifestyle scores, Living tissue 3D modeling, Statistical Disease Screening markers
  13. Measurement time: 2-6 minutes




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