John Kirchknopf is the driving force of Akinom Biosystems. His background in engineering, electronics, chemistry, health, computer technology and IT make him the ideal candidate to examine, research and select technologies and products in a non-biased fashion. John was pulled into the health industry by his wife Dr. Monika Faulhaber who acts as a consultant for the company. As a couple they have both found the health industry very gratifying. The old saying goes:

“Find something that you love to do, make it your vocation, and you’ll never have to work another day in your life!”

Akinom Biosystems was started in 2008 when we obtained our Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License  (MDEL) for the purpose of selling LD Technology’s  original  Class II Electro Interstitial Scan. The EIS was a revolutionary new piece of test equipment developed by Dr. Albert Maarek MD. Over the next 6 years the  software and hardware developed into the ESTECK Complex which was a Class III device and really became a gem.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, support and educational training for our clients for the products that we represent. We have done a number of very well received 1-5 day seminars for doctors, and also end-users in support of our products and clients. We encourage team work and support our customers and suppliers.

Along the journey over the years, we added the Avazzia line. Avazzia manufactures the only SCENAR designed and built in the USA. SCENAR  (Self Controlled Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a  micro current device that has biofeedback function. It understands the type of inflammation, as well as the level of saturation of stimulus during treatment. SCENAR is the next generation space age and developed of TENS and Interferential therapy.

We also found that there was a need for a high quality low cost multivitamin/mineral supplement which we researched and developed with a major Canadian Lab. Quality and the right combination of nutritional ingredients are very difficult to find. We found that most retail vitamin product containers were worth more  than what was inside them. Along with our supplements we have researched a number of additional nutritional products and manufacturers that are synergistic and complementary to our own clinic’s needs and goals.

We added further products such as the best line of medical pillows built and designed for professionals and a phenomenal line of insoles that are amazing for chronic foot issues. Environmental remediation is important and we found the Graham-Stetzer line to be innovative and extremely beneficial for the home and office environment .

We are proud to recently have started marketing The InLight Wellness System which is the industry leader and innovator of LED therapy devices. The science behind this technology and it’s far reaching benefits are truly astounding. The ramifications to the Chrirpractic, Naturopathic and Physiotherapy fields are truly revolutionary and highly effective.

We continue to look for new products to add to our offerings in order to make our practitioner clients the best they can be!


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